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Hemp for Skincare

Scientific research and anecdotal evidence have revealed that CBD has numerous health and wellness benefits. In line with this, people are using CBD to improve their lives. They are adding it in their morning coffee, applying it on their body to relieve pain, chewing CBD gummies to reduce anxiety, and using CBD products to improve their sex life.

CBD has also made its way into the beauty industry, and CBD-infused skincare products are gaining prominence ranging from lotions and creams to shampoos and soaps. Companies are taking advantage of the natural healing properties and anti-inflammatory agents in CBD to make beauty products. The reception of CBD-derived skincare products among consumers is positive, with many beauty-holics trying out the buzzy beauty ingredient. This post examines CBD skincare products and provides reasons why you should incorporate them into your skincare routine.

First, let’s address the big issue. Many people assume that since CBD comes from cannabis, it has psychoactive properties and may make you high. However, this is false. It is just a misconception. CBD is non-psychoactive because it comes from hemp plants that have low levels of THC –the component responsible for making you high after using cannabis. Therefore, you don’t get high by using CBD skincare products. Instead, your skin benefits from the fatty acids and other nutrients in CBD. Pilot studies have revealed that CBD may enhance hydration, reduce moisture loss, regulate cell growth, and minimize inflammation.